Saturday, December 15, 2012

Product Junkie Review:Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong Conditioner

So I know I had told you all that I would do a review on the Herbal Essences: Honey I'm Strong Conditioner so here it is! This stuff is amazing, first it's awesome and provides great slip. I love that it is thick and creamy, it allows me to detangle my hair in about 30 minutes tops and for the past two weeks I have used it to twist my hair for a twist out. Normally when I twist my hair I have to use some gel or something to hold my hair but this conditioner does the job fine, especially since the weather is cool I don't have to worry about it swelling. I have used Herbal Essences before but this is my first time using the Honey I'm Strong line, but I do recommend it. I know it was introduced over the summer, but it took a few weeks for me to see it in stores in my area so hopefully you all can find it too! So the picture to the right is my twist out from last week(sorry it's blurry...i'm counting down the days until a new phone!) and below is what I wore this week. Tomorrow is wash day for me and I plan on making a batch of flax seed gel to use with the Honey I'm Strong, so I will let y'all know how that turns out (hopefully my hair will love it!)

P.S. I am so excited for Christmas, more than gifts I am glad to spend time with my family and friends. Especially after yesterday's tragedy, we have to remember that our lives can change in a blink of an eye so regardless if you celebrate Christmas or any other holidays please enjoy life! :)

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