Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Headbands: A Funny But True Story

 I have discovered that I have a new love for headbands and can be found wearing tons of them at one time and often. I look to them to keep my frizzy hair down since I am trying to not use a lot of gel to pull my hair up, but also keep my buns and puffs looking as neat as possible. Well anyhoo, on Saturday at work I was wearing my hair in a pulled up bun similar to the one above with two head bands I normally double them around and it looks like four because I stretch them out often. Normally the stretched out ones work the best and can be found all over the place ex: my purse, car, desk at work to say the least. Well while at work on Saturday I was sitting at my desk and out of nowhere with out warning a sever headache struck me, you know the kind that feels like it is behind your eyes and no matter what you do every sound or blink makes it worst. Well I sat at my desk for about 20 minutes like this and even mentioned to my boss that I had a headache. She asked if I needed any medicine but I just thought it would subside. She started to tell me a story about her evening and as much as I tried to listen I just couldn't block out the pain and 10 minutes into the story I felt like I was about to pass out. Well she came to the end of her story and said something really funny I burst into laughter and then heard something pop and instantly my headache was gone. I'm still laughing and feel something fall down my shoulder both of the headbands had broken. I picked them up and said "my headache is gone, they must have been too tight!" She laughed and said "imagine me calling 911 because you passed out because of your head need another alternative!"
So my quest has begun I am looking for a comfortable head band that will keep my frizz away but also prevent those behind the eyeball headaches...the quest begins.

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