Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cabin Trip (Blue Ridge, GA)

Hey yall,
I am back as promised with a few pics. I had an absolute blast even though the drive up the mountain was insane, so insane I had to pullover and let David drive lol.  I wore my hair in the banded ponytail until Saturday morning since we spent the night before in the hot tub my hair was extremely frizzy. Yesterday I decided to do some medium sized twists and I wasn't paying attention and ended up with multiple sized twists so I will most likely keep them in for the next week or two, hopefully I can find some styles for them. Happy Valentine's Day to yall I hope everyone enjoyed there day.

 **Ok the above 1st pic is the banded ponytail, the 2nd is David and I and sadly I didn't take a pic of anyone else it was six other people lol. The 3rd & 4th pics are the inside view of the cabin(house). The 5th & 6th pics are the road leading up to the cabin and then the outside of the cabin.The 7th pic is David looking out at the mountains(this wasn't even the top it was thirty more miles up lol) And last but not least is the pic of me with the twists.**
P.S. I am truly saddened by the passing of a diva  Ms. Whitney Houston, all I can say is I grew up during the 90s and remember dancing in my room with a hair brush to all her music(I still do it now). Her voice was incredible and classic, she had strength in her voice that touched everyone. We must remember that we are all human and celebrity or not we all have our own personal demons. Despite her struggles I have always thought she was so beautiful...I pray for her family,especially her daughter. Cherish life yall please.

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