Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding The Perfect Cupcake

Hey yall,
So I have told yall before about my insane sweet tooth and cupcakes are my weakness. So last week I stopped off at the mall by my house and while walking around I came across this cupcake shop, I can't remember the name which is fine because the cupcake wasn't the best (see picture number one). Saturday David and I took Louie to the dog park and then had lunch at Chipotle and right next to it was a cupcake shop, I had to go in. It was called GiGi's Cupcakes and the presentation was amazing I was so excited and once we got home I cut into it and was let down, the red velvet was brown I know it's chocolate but I expected red (see picture number two).Finally the best was the last one, a red velvet cupcake and a chocolate bananna cupcake from the Patio(see pictures three and four)! Yall, these last ones where so amazing I had dinner with my sister last week and she brought me these from a bakery by her job and I was thinking yesterday about making the 30 minute drive to pick up more, but I tried to remain in control lol.

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