Friday, September 9, 2011

Wash Day

Hey yall,
So today I woke up and tried to save the past twist set that I put in and attempted to rinse my twist in the shower and that was a bad idea. While sitting at work I noticed that my hair had started to unravel in the back, so once I got home I untwisted my hair and co-washed. Right now while typing up this post I am sitting with a wet banded ponytail and this will be my style for at least the next week. I am loving this protective style challenge but have seemed to run out of ideas for my hair. I love twist but I don't have the patience to sit every night and work on my mini twists because they take forever so I guess I am at a road block :(  But anyhoo, this is my hair for the next week or until I figure out what else to do with it. Sorry I can't post a pic because my camera is still with my sister but here is a pic from before. Enjoy!

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