Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Hey yall,
So I know that summer isn't officially over but today was Labor Day and we know that this kind of ends the summer. Today was a great day my Aunt and cousins came down from South Carolina and we all had a barbecue. I of course wore my American flag tee that I turned into an off the shoulder t-shirt( think flash dance or 80's inspired look) but I forgot my camera at my sister's house so those pics are coming. Anyhoo, I am still keeping up with the PS challenge and actually took my last set of twists down. I loved the look but my hair was frizzy and looked old, so I put in medium sized twists and have been rocking this style. I plan to keep these in for hopefully two weeks and then put in maybe braids. I hope everyone enjoyed there holiday! :)

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