Sunday, June 19, 2011

Henna part III

Hey yall,
So I took my twists down and conditioned my hair on Thursday. Once I finished I allowed my hair to air dry and went and mixed up my henna for application. I ordered 200 grams of Jamila BAQ Henna and used about 100 grams for this mix. I mixed in 3 oz of Hibiscus powder, coconut milk, and a cup of green tea. I let the mix sit for about an hour (Jamila doesn't need to sit overnight for dye release) and then applied it took me about 20 minutes(I'm a professional lol) Once I applied it to my hair I covered my head with saran wrap and several plastic shower caps and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and filled my tub with warm water to get most of the henna out and shampooed the rest out in the shower. At about 9 am I started twisting my hair back up but not into mini twists. It took me until about 430 to finish and then I pulled them up into a high bun.
In all this was the first time that I used Jamila and I must say it was very easy to rinse out and of course I loved being able to add my own mix. The color was a dark copper on the ends a warm brown on the roots. I was hoping for a dark cherry color from the hibiscus but I didn't get that. I have plenty left over and plan to use my mix again before using the LUSH henna bars again.

The ends

 Saran wrapped !

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