Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Hair Day!

Hey curlies,
So yesterday I tweeted that I was having a bad natural hair day and got a few responses asking me what that was. I had to respond and explain "my hair swelled to large amounts because it was so humid out!" Also that I live in Atlanta and it is normally 80 something degrees out at 10 in the morning. So last night when I got home I decided to re-twist my hair with my CLB from Safi on slightly damp hair and got awesome results today. I got tons of questions about my hair today, even one of the security guards stopped me and wanted to know everything that I used on my hair. I must admit I do love the results my hair is in a twist out but also has the look of a wash and go. I plan on experimenting with this method again on wash day to see if I can make it a staple style. See the pics below. ENJOY :)

****Ok the first pic is of my hair yesterday and the rest are today after the re-twist***

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