Friday, December 4, 2015

Birthday Hair

So I turned 30 and had an amazing time, but first let's discuss my hair. I had planned to straighten my hair since I was off of work three days prior to my actual birthday. I figured one day I would wash it and blow it out, the next day flat iron half and then finish the following day. Armed with all the proper tools I completed everything in one day....bad idea. It was unusually warm in Atlanta like in the 70s(for this time of year)and my hair had me burning up and sweating like crazy. So I attempted to put it in a ponytail and that took a good 45 minutes. I was frustrated, hot and my hair was starting to puff up on me. I grabbed my lottabody mouse and placed my hair in 12 braids for a braid out. Y'all I tried, I really did but the straight puff hair won and I felt defeated. But the braid out of course was super cute. And now I've been rocking these two braids in my hair since Sunday. So that is the story of my semi straight hair. See the pics below. I don't have any pics of me with these two braids but stay tuned.

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