Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finger Coil Attempt

Ummm so last week I wanted to try something new with my hair and hit Pinterest for some ideas. Well what do you know finger coils pops up...I went on over to Youtube and watched a few videos and took the next 3 hours to finger coiling my whole entire head. Big huge mistake, my hair kept coming loose and I kept attempting to coil it. I finally gave up and threw my hair in a ponytail. I knew that I had another long week at work and wouldn't have time to fool around with my hair too much. Everywhere I went people swore my hair was adorable, and of course I would give them the look, like this is not cute...only the outside of it looks decent. My hair was a pain to detangle yesterday and now I'm rocking regular old medium sized twists. I want to make a video of them because honestly, I look too much of a mess to take pictures. Working too much will do it for you. Bare with me guys, once my work schedule lightens up I will be back to regular posting.
P.S. The first pic looks ok, the second one was my hair coming loose, the back was worse.

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