Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Whipped Curly Hair Pudding

So as you all know I have been using the Cantu Coconut Oil Curling Custard, well this week we have had little rain but more humid and hot weather like usual. So my braid out ponytail is always defined in the morning but a frizzy mess in the afternoon. So last night I pulled out my mixer and whipped up my on curly hair pudding. Here is the recipe and I promise it is simple: 
1) take two tablespoons of extra virgin unrefined coconut oil and two tablespoons of unrefined Shea butter and slowly melt them down in a double boiler (if you don't have a double boiler you can melt it in low heat for 10 seconds at a time in the microwave just keep an eye that it doesn't boil. So leave it on for 10 seconds let it rest for 10 seconds until it is liquid.)
2) Once your coconut and Shea are an oil allow it to cool for one minute making sure it isn't bubbling.
3) In a large metal bowl ( plastic might melt) take about six tablespoons of Ecostyler gel and then slowly add in your oil.
4) The mixture will look strange but that is when the mixer or a large spoon can be used to whip the gel and oil together. Continue adding your oil slowly and whipping until the mixture turns fluffy and light. 
5) Your hair pudding is now ready for a clean jar (I just used an old Shea moisture jar, that I cleaned and dried really well) 
6) Enjoy! 
This is a picture of my DIY curly hair pudding that I made last night see below.

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  1. Found you via Curlynikki. Been looking for a diy version of the curly pudding. Will definitely be trying it out. Thanks for sharing. (Karen J)