Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High Buns & Hair Bows

A simple high bun. I placed my hair in twists but didn't like the look of them so I took them out last night and pulled my hair up. This my be good for the summer, I feel like I am looking for several options since it is still spring but has been in the 90s here in Atlanta.
P.S. I made the bow myself...I love the print :)

**A up close look at my twist out**


  1. Cute bun! I can't wait--well, I can wait, but I don't want to--until my bun is that big and full. My hair is 7-9 inches so I can fake one by doing a high puff and then tucking it under , but it in no way looks polished and not quite as big as your bun.

  2. Aww thanks you will get there before you know it. I feel like time really flew for me once I bc'ed and I stillremember my first ponytail and full bun until this day :)

  3. I LOVE the texture of your bun. Since I'm transitioning and have (long) texlaxed ends (sigh. It will be a while!), I fake this look because my hair is very curly when wet (which I'm thankful for - hides the line of demarcation pretty good, for now) but the curls do stretch out near the bun and I lose that definition. I'm going to try to bun right after the twist/braid out (I live in the ATL area, too, and I can't stand my hair out for long) Your hair looks great!

  4. @Nicole thanks! It seems like I always have the best looking buns when I do a fresh twist or braid out. It was a good look until the humidity and rain of last week, but I am sure you are familiar with this Atl weather. It is great to see someone else that feels my pain about this Atl weather!Thanks for following :)