Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twisted Up..Again

So I know it has been a while since I have posted but I will try my best to catch you guys up to speed. So last weekend I went to a friend's wedding and wanted to do something different and fun with my hair. Well knowing how I am I attempted the style days before just in case I didn't like it ( I wanted to avoid rushing out the door at the last minute especially because it was out of town). So I tried a fishtail braid...umm yeah let's say it was horrible I tried it on stretched hair and it was frizzy and you could hardly tell it was a fishtail. So I tried doing it on wet hair and again it was horrible, and of course I didn't take pics of it. So for the wedding I wore my hair in a low bun and pinned a flower on the side. So Thursday night I came home washed my hair and decided to use Coco Curls to do a wet set of medium sized twists. It was warm today so I pulled them up and because I did them while wet the shrinkage factor came in(grrr). Anyhoo, I did some work today and re-opened iheartcurls for business. Remember when I talked about almost passing out from a headband headache a couple of months ago??? Well I re-opened and am giving a hand at them. I would love to send one to all my readers no matter if you comment, post or even follow I just want to say thanks to everyone for allowing me a place to talk about my hair and my randomness lol. So yes you read right a free headband or hair tie (first come, first served) just make sure to email me at iheartcurls(at)yahoo(dot)com and in the subject line title it "TwistedMarie Says Thanks". I will ship them accordingly and please please make sure that the address is correct especially for my international readers. :) Giveaway will end Monday April 30th at 3pm so make sure you send your emails in. Shipped colors will vary from below but custom orders are always available at my etsy shop. Now onto the pics below lol

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