Saturday, March 24, 2012

Product Review: Coco Curls

 As I promised I am back to do my review on Coco Curls. First of all let me say that the smell is intoxicating I opened the jar and instantly admired the creamy yellow texture and then sniffed it and it smelled just like chocolate and vanilla (well to me it did lol). I love the whipped texture and I decided to use it on the twist portion of my "fancy bun" and it defined and moisturized like nobody's business. I love that it provides a little hold but still kept my curls from feeling hard and crunchy. Not to mention this product is definitely a winner because it doesn't create those little white balls on your hair  if you use it right over your leave in which for me is normally a little bit of conditioner from when I co-wash. Another win for me is that it moisturizes well without making my hair feel heavy or look oily, and the best part of all is that a little goes along way I am known to be heavy handed but with this product there is no need for that. I will surely keep this product in my rotation and if you are interested in it check out there site here. Like I stated in my last post this product was sent to me but I believe that the 16oz jar runs about 25 dollars and the 8oz is 15.

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